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Programa IVORI 2024 (becas de maestría y doctorado en química)

2024/04/12 / Boletín SIUN, Vicerrectoría de Investigación, UNAL

Cierre: 30 abr. 2024

The IVORI Master Fellowship Programme offered by the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) is aimed at female university graduates from Latin America (Spanish-speaking countries and Brazil), to support their enrolment in the URV/ICIQ Master’s program, and to follow a research project in the area of chemistry or closely related field that ultimately leads to the completion of a Master’s Degree.

The IVORI Master Programme will be administered in English.

These grants are directed to highly qualified and talented female graduate students with a passion for chemistry research or closely related areas. The students will have the opportunity to join one of ICIQ’s research groups and will follow an individual master research project under the direction of a group leader.

Selected female students will be awarded a grant in order to complete their Master’s research project at the ICIQ in one academic year.

Awardees will receive a scholarship of 14,400 €/year to help with their living expenses during the academic year. The IVORI Master programme enrolment costs will be covered by ICIQ. On acceptance of the grants, awardees must submit a copy of the enrolment document to a Master Programme. The beneficiary will sign a scholarship acceptance with ICIQ.

Deadline: Sunday 26 May 2024

Further information: website of the programme; 

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[Boletín SIUN 673, 11/12 de abril de 2024]