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Train-the-trainer course, 2018-II


An initial course in entrepreneurship for technologies developed in the academia

About the course

The aim of this course is to empower you as a professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia to introduce entrepreneurship in the curriculums as well as to help your students to commercialise their ideas. The aim is also to inspire you to realise the opportunities found in your own research.

The course consists of 8 days of teaching, 6 hours a day, and one exam assignment with feedback (days 9 and 10). The Train-the-trainer course is divided into morning and afternoon sessions, with the morning covering theoretical aspects of entrepreneurship and case discussions. The workshop sessions in the afternoon will put theory into practice. Participants will work in groups with ideas based on their own research. One idea per group.

Professors will be invited to write a proposal on 1) how they will involve other people (professors) in entrepreneurship/spread the knowledge gained from the course, and 2) how they will incorporate entrepreneurship into their teaching curriculums, and 3) how they will use the knowledge in their own research. Professors with the best proposals will be chosen for the course.


The Sten K. Johnson Centre works in close relationship with the IDEON Science Park, one of the most innovative science parks for the knowledge transfer of research results from the academy to the industry.

How to participate

The course will be given in English, and there will be 30 seats for professors at Universidad Nacional de Colombia at Medellín, Manizales, and Palmira campuses. The selection and notification of the acceptance will be in head of the Vice-Rector of Research or his delegates. For the inscriptions, a short statement about how do you want to implement and disseminate the training to your students and research group is expected.

Fill the application form and submit it before Friday, 22 June 2018, at 17:00 (5:00 p.m). Colombian time. The list with the participants will be announced 29 June 2018.

In order to obtain the final certificate, you must attend all the sessions.

Date of the course (second round): 30 July to 10 August 2018

Venue: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín campus (exact venue to be announced)

Contact information